Finished: TV 12 Point Ripple Baby Blanket

I did this blanket for one of my cousins who is getting ready to have a baby. This blanket turned out better than I thought it would. I hadn't intended to put dark gray in this, but the dark pink turned out so...PINK, I needed something to soften the edges. Thankfully, it looks super cute and I hope she'll love it.
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Crochet Jackpot

I found the greatest deal at a flea market this weekend. It was a DVD of Crochet World Magazine 2001-2010 put out by Annie's publishing. I got it for $2. There are more than 60 pdf files of all the Crochet World magazines plus any special editions. There are dozens of patterns in each bimonthly edition.

It was fun to see how crochet offerings have changed over time. In the earlier years, a lot of the patterns were for doll clothes and doilies. Later ones were more scarves, afghan, sweaters, and stuffed toys.

I've already printed off a couple of afghans I'd like to try for the winter.

Anybody else find bargains like this?