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Pattern: stocking cap

A friend requested a stocking cap, and after much research I couldn't find a free pattern for a cap like this one:

I initially tried making it according to the knitting patterns out there, but they turned out terrible. Eventually I came up with a pattern I really liked.

Start with a magic ring. Single crochet 5 time in ring, and slip stitch to close round. Chain stitch once, and sc across round, adding one increase (2 sc in same stitch) in every round, so that round 2 has 6 sc, round 3 has 7, etc.
Continue increasing until hat is wide enough to fit head. For an adult size, 70-75 should be enough (that's round 66-61). An infant hat should be at about 40 sc (round 36).
Continue until hat is long enough, sc once in each stitch. For an adult hat I made 105 rounds.
I chose to alternate colors every 10 rows. I would probably alternate colors every 5 rounds for a baby hat.
rnd 1: ch 2, *dc 3 times, dc dec* repeat until end of row, close with slip stitch.
rnd 2-3: *fpdc, bpdc* until end of row, close with slip stitch.
rnd 4: sc in each stitch.

Make pompom or crochet ball, and add to tip.

Weave in ends.
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