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Dog Amigurumi

I designed this pattern several years ago (2009) and yesterday I finally decided to look at it and fix it up a bit. I'd written it specifically for mini-amigurumis in sock yarn at the time, and just rewrote it for worsted/aran weight yarn. There were only a few modifications. I have had this on my computer all this time, nearly finished... Well, I'm glad it's finished NOW!

Weimaraner, Doberman, Dachshund (all modifications of the same pattern)

This guy's ears look big because I made them uncropped doberman ears (they're just standing up in the photo to make it look more how most people think of a doberman). The pattern includes instructions on how to do big dachshund ears, natural doberman ears (which are what this Dobie has) and cropped ears. I don't like cropped ears, so I didn't sew them on the doberman, but the instructions are there.

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