Kimi Nguyen (mukichan) wrote in crochetcrochet,

Starching / Gluing Yarn?

I've heard of people starching their jeans. Would it work the same way on yarn to give it a stiffer-form?

Or would it just be easier to mix glue and water and dip the FO in there?

I'm making like miniature top-hats, but I don't want it to lose shape or form or anything and I thought about the whole starching and gluing thing.

If glue would be better, what types of glue would work best with acrylic yarn? What about cotton yarn??

Thanks for all your support guys!


Here's my prototype in case you guys want to see it. They're smallish, like they can fit in my palm. I plan to use a ribbon so that you can arrange it to stay on the head. But, I might look into hair combs or some sort of hair clip.

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