Erika (moxiepurple) wrote in crochetcrochet,

Mega Doily/Large Scale Crochet Rug

I have not seen this posted here before, and I thought I would be fun to share. I've thought about making rugs, but not quite like this.

The Mega Doily, try to match that gauge. hehe

Created by Jean with Ladies & Gentlemen Studios (Link opens in a new window) More photos at the website.

Can you imagine how long your rope would need to be to avoid tying on new lengths to continue, I already hate hiding joins in my work.

Edit 1-07-10: Giant knit furniture also, not crochet but still in the same vein as the doily.

I am getting these from a website called, and it's not about crochet or knitting, but interior decorating and random things to build or buy for your house. I'm looking for a house, and the website came up in my searches for building bed frames and painting concrete floors.
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